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Your one stop shop for all site related information and rules! Please read here first before starting your adventure!
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Read all about it! Come here to read about the latest news and events for the site! Be sure to check often for all sorts of exciting announcements!
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There is a Shop, A Quest Board, There are Roleplayers, There are Moogles. What can Go wrong?
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Need some assistance from members or staff? Maybe you have a Sitewide guest question like "favorite plot" or "favorite character" .. Maybe you are uncertain of your coding? Graphic Design? Roleplaying style? Or Maybe you just Need emotional support. Well.. come closer.
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+ Dive To Heart

Place Links to Face claims, Canon Claim, and etc. ALSO note: Multiple people can own them, we just keep track of them.
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Where Pending Bios Go.
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This is where All character's abilities, items, and just overall Inventory information is stored. There should only be your thread showing up and no other. Characters are not allowed to use any Abilities or Weapons till this is approved.
Shh.. Secrets Are Here
Where Character Journals, Plotting Pages, and etc can be stored.
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+ Sea Of Stars

This Board is Where all Event-Related Threads will be Hosted in. The board can be moved around and described differently with the setting. This time it is Masquerade Ball located in Disney Castle, all Are welcome to attend.
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A tiny world nary a blip in the vast cosmos that is the sea of stars. Made up of a couple of islands surrounded by endless ocean - there's not much here. It's a paradisaical world known for it famous star shaped fruit, and it's beautiful sunset.
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A beautiful world once consumed by darkness, now returned to it's original state. It is ruled by its wise Sage King who resides within a large castle. It was here that many discovers were made - both good and ill.
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A hub world that is a haven to those that have lost their own world. A lively little place with three different districts that have shops, restaurants, and a clockwork tower. Rumor has it that a powerful wizard lives somewhere here.
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The 23rd district of Tokyo, Japan, Shibuya is a bustling hive of activity for both business folk and teens alike. A very important aspect of Shibuya is both their aesthetic culture around high-fashion, food vendors along the streets, and the famous Scramble Crossing.
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Reforged as the new haven for the Union, Scala Ad Caelum is a world for those taxed by the weight of darkness that bears down upon their shoulders. While serving as a crossroads, it also supports the Union Academy, a school where it trains new generations of warriors, and keyblade wielders alike.
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A world brought about by a myriad of worlds merging, while almost destroyed, their hearts were so alike that they grew into something stronger. Here is where fantasy reigns supreme, with ice magic, gnomes, witches in the woods, gargoyles, dragons, magical golden hair, and even a cursed rose.
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A world of ocean and islands cobbled together with the amalgamation of what was once separate worlds. In this vast sea of adventure and mystery lies many secrets tucked away in its' corners. From pirates, to merfolk, to a lost city powered by ancient crystals - there is much to discover here.
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+ Beyond The Door

All completed In-Character Threads will be stored here, placed in corresponding months of that Thread's Date/season.
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Pretty much anything OOC can go in here. Games, Testing Templates, User Shops, Spam thread, etc etc.
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Where advertisers promote their sites!
Shh.. Secrets Are Here
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